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Health Care

Access for all Texans

Texas ranks last in the U.S. in health-care access and affordability.

I will work to expand the Affordable Care Act to make sure health insurance is within reach for every Texan. In addition, I’ll advocate for using state-level purchasing infrastructure and methodology to make prescription medications more affordable.

Improved maternal healthcare for African-American women

Texas has one of the most concerning maternal mortality rates in the country, estimated at 14.6 per 100,000 live births. For black women, it’s even worse: 27.8 per 100,000.

One important step toward reducing this awful statistic is to require conscious- and unconscious-bias training for all healthcare personnel. It’s critical to ensure that every healthcare provider is aware of the problem and has the personal means to champion the cause of making sure women of color are heard, that their voices are respected, and that their successful care and treatment are equally prioritized. 

We also need to closely track the maternal-mortality rate to measure how effective bias training is, how improved awareness becomes improved outcome.

Public Education

Expanded funding for Universal Pre-K, K-12 programs, and low-interest-rate college loans

America has kept its innovative edge by providing broad access to public education and affordable higher education. At a time when our children need it most, when America is competing with large, emerging economies, education funding has been reduced significantly. We must expand funding for public education, taking into consideration our current population and projected population growth. When I am the next State Representative of HD-76, I will prioritize the education of our children.

Economic Opportunity

Increasing economic opportunity is a battle we fight on many fronts.

I will bring more high-tech investment and jobs to this area by showcasing easy access to:

  • An educated workforce (current levels of education, the pipeline of skilled technology workers coming out of our schools)
  • The cultural openness and diversity to support industry on a world stage
  • A higher quality of life due to our lower cost of living


I will promote businesses owned by women and minorities by ensuring that Texas complies with the Historically Underutilized Business Opportunities Program.

I will fight for equal pay for equal work. While the Equal Pay Act was signed in 1963, women in 2020 still have a long way to go to achieve that equality. A woman’s pay is a critical part of the family budget. In many cases, it is the primary income. We must ensure that women have equal pay for equal work, and equal access to leadership opportunities so that our companies are competitive nationally and internationally.

While our cost of living is lower on a national scale, we can increase personal resources by lowering property taxes. One method of achieving that is to change the formula for funding public schools.

To round out economic opportunity, we need affordable healthcare that includes sensible family-leave options.

Criminal Justice

Inequality in the legal system must end.

Blacks and Latinos sentenced in state and federal courts face significantly greater odds of incarceration than similarly situated White offenders and receive longer sentences than their White counterparts in some jurisdictions. 

Probation is revoked for Blacks more than for any other group in Texas.

Over 30% of jailed inmates are diagnosed with one or more serious mental illnesses.

SB4, the so-called “Show Me Your Papers” law, allows for racial profiling of the Latino and Asian communities.

We must end the disproportionate number of Blacks and Latinos in the prison system. This has led to overcrowding and unjust treatment. Sarah will fight in Austin for us to invest more in prevention, rehabilitation, and fairness in the judicial system.

Sarah believes jail is no place for mental-health treatment. Our jail system should be able to proactively identify those with mental-health challenges and redirect them to receive proper diagnosis and treatment by trained professionals in appropriate facilities. ​

Fort Bend County is the most diverse county in the country and one of the most diverse regions in the world. No one should be at risk of being stopped and asked personal questions simply because they are a person of color. This is discrimination and does not belong in our society.

This February, Fort Bend Residents will begin to cast their vote for
their next State Representative for House District 28.


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